IMPORTANT! [Efrain Jesus Rojas]: Unique Blinded Cars

You like blinded cars, right? Then, you should not miss these interesting armored vehicles!

Blinded cars are sometime cool because of how technologic they are but this time let’s present some of them that are very unique and probably very creative in design.

The Huron

[Efrain Jesus Rojas]: Car

[Efrain Jesus Rojas]: Car

This interesting vehicle is definitely strong and looks like it is very heavy. You should consider the Huron as one of the strongest blinded cars because of how bulky it is. However, this car got the reputation of being in this list because of that extra-heavy touch that makes it blinded and surely very protective!

Toyota Land Cruiser

[Efrain Jesus Rojas]: Bulletproof BMW X5

[Efrain Jesus Rojas]: Bulletproof BMW X5

This car is one of these blinded vehicles that look very stylish. It has diesel engine. You could travel long distances without really having to worry that much on the gas. It is shiny and cool looking. If you get one of those, be prepared for one of the coolest blinded experiences of your life.

Mercedes G-Class AMG

[Efrain Jesus Rojas]: Alpha Armouring's Mercedes G-Class AMG

[Efrain Jesus Rojas]: Alpha Armouring’s Mercedes G-Class AMG

This car is so protective that it could even stop 357 metal bullets coming at it. You would be getting not only a Mercedes vehicle but actually one that can be protective in almost every physical sense that could normally affect you. The probabilities of having boulder or bullet accident are extremely low and you would probably have more concern on watching if there is rain or not.

Mercedes Benz S600

[Efrain Jesus Rojas]: Mercedes Benz S600

[Efrain Jesus Rojas]: Mercedes Benz S600

It may look like an ordinary car but this interesting vehicle is more than blinded. Its V-12 engine makes of it a very powerful machine (which includes protection as well). Among the many things you will probably want to do with something like this is to actually try the engine and listen to that pretty engine sound as well!

By [Efrain Jesus Rojas].