Efraín Rojas Mata: What Do I Need to Know Before Buying a Car?

Think well before buying the car

Investigate about the basic aspects that we need to see when it comes to buying cars.

Cars are one of the objects that wake the most of passions in most human beings. It can be you buy one because you need it as transportation, as a working tool or simply because you want to do it. There are many options in the market. Generally, there are cars for all the likes, prices, and needs. But what are these “base aspects” that we need to consider when we need to buy a car?



This can be the key element when it comes to the final sale if you have a limited budget. However, when you have a particular need ranging from weight capacity or space you must study your budget and find the option that can give you the best quality-price relationship. If you feel that the available options do not satisfy your needs, you will need to go little bit further.

Weight of the brand

When you buy a can you must think about the post-sale service, the piece availability, and the reselling value. Thus, consolidated brands in the market are the main option. This does not mean you cannot try interesting offers from new brands, but you need to have the best information possible in order to take the right decision.


If you need space, weight capacity, torque, off road capacities or simply transportation from one place to another, you need to make a balance of all these needs.

Think about the use and the durability of the car

Used vehicles

If you are going to second handed a used car, you need to check other elements such as the maintenance, the pieces that have been added, the treatment it has had, the kilometers, documents, and the general view. You will need a reliable mechanic or, if you do not have one, a reliable car agency.