Efraín Jesús Rojas Mata: Brazil is The Leader in Armored Cars

The Brazilian Association of Armored Cars indicated that, in order to get in contact with the first data, we must go to 1995, where there only were 388 armored cars in Brazil.

“Nowadays we have more than 160.000 armored cars and that locates the country at the top, over the most recognized buyers: Mexico and the United States of America.”


The armored car growth goes along the local industry for car armoring and the development of a domestic network of parts through the prism of high resistance fibers such as glasses, rings, tires and exhaust tubes. This makes Brazil one of the most profitable businesses.

“During the last four years the have been 256.000 deaths in Syria because of war, but in Brazil 278.000 people have died violently.”

In the security aspect, this is one of the most important demands of the Brazilians. However, although armored cars are very requested, this is one of the most expensive alternatives to save your vehicle.