[Efrain Jesus Rojas]: Chinese Blinded Cars

Blinded cars can be fascinating for those who are fans and consider themselves card-nerds. Chinese models models are a good option, so that you can expand your horizons on the interesting cars that are out there. The BYD-S7  Great armored cars that can make you feel not only very comfortable because of the technologic interior, but … Continue reading [Efrain Jesus Rojas]: Chinese Blinded Cars


IMPORTANT! [Efrain Jesus Rojas]: Unique Blinded Cars

You like blinded cars, right? Then, you should not miss these interesting armored vehicles! Blinded cars are sometime cool because of how technologic they are but this time let’s present some of them that are very unique and probably very creative in design. The Huron This interesting vehicle is definitely strong and looks like it is very heavy. You … Continue reading IMPORTANT! [Efrain Jesus Rojas]: Unique Blinded Cars